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SIILWYA will be at The TORONTO FRINGE this year

Why tell a love story? I think we need to hear about relationships that work. To hear stories about why they get messed up and how they are fixed. To talk about our fights and our make ups and accept that they are a healthy part of growing together. Some of these stories are mine, often exaggerated for dramatic effect and some are shared or made up. I’ve been writing this story for over ten years and am thrilled to be finally sharing it with you!!! Hope you can come to the show!

Frid July 6th – 7:00 pm

Sun July 8   – 10:15 pm

Mon July 9   – 3:15

Wed July 11 – 12:00

Frid July 13   – 5:45

Sat July 14    – 3:30

Sun July 15   – 7:30

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