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COMEDI NERD Episode #04 with Johanne Britton

Johanne Britton - Comedi Nerd

“My legacy will be how I changed the comedy industry.” Johanne Britton

In this fourth episode of COMEDI NERD, I talk with Johanne Britton bilingual social media consultant, strategist and publisher.  Jo talks about being a proud comedy nerd, Comedian Pete Zedlacher signing her boob and her passion for her business The Mob’s Press & her advocacy work for The Canadian Association of Stand-Up, Sketch and Improv Comedians.

Johanne is the co-founder and President of The Mob’s Press. The Mob is a marketing and promotions company dedicated to helping Artists and Cultural Producers. Jo helps artists from all walks of life by providing them with the tools they need to maximize their online visibility. With her Mob City Publications ( Los AngelesNew YorkTorontoCalgaryMontreal ) The Mob covers, promotes and supports the art, comedy and culture scene of the cities we represent and the artists that make it

She has worked at Montreal’s top comedy clubs and has interviewed Russell Peters, Sugar Sammy,  Shaun Majumder, K. Trevor Wilson and Paula Bel to name a few. Jo has been featured in The Gazette, AfrokanLife, The Examiner and is a respected name in the Montreal media landscape. In 2017, she became a founding member of The Canadian Association of Stand-up, Sketch and Improv Comedians – the first comedian association in Canada. Her passion is helping comedians.

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