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Come hang with self pronounced loveable loser JOE for Sunday HAPPY HOUR! Surprise guest & fun times to be had. Open Bar! Pants optional!

Grab a bevvie, put on a party hat & come join the fun! Invite buds to join you on line to share in a laugh! Are you sick of watching TV, eating too much poutine & wishing you could just hit the town for a great time? Join us! This is the next best thing. Grab your pet, partner or pillow and share a laugh in cyber space. Happy Hour with JOE isn’t a show it’s an experience. Every Sunday JOE invites a talented artist to perform at the party. Come for great advice, fun anecdotes, talk about anything and everything. Questions for JOE are encouraged & welcome! Instigated by Miko “Jones” Sobriera.

Zoom doors open at 8:00 pm (ET) & 5:00pm (PT)

Fun times start at 8:30pm (ET) 5:30pm (PT)

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